Blessed Seelos would like to welcome Rev. Daniel Martinez Patiño to our Parish Family.

Father Godfrey Nana Andoh

Fr. Godfrey

Fr. Godfrey was born into a devoutly Catholic family on July 12, 1973.  When he was a young altar boy, he noticed that his parish priest was always beaming with great happiness.  One day he asked, “how much do you get paid for doing this job?”  The priest laughed and said, “I don’t receive any salary, but the blessings I receive for doing this work are more than any salary could afford.”  These words have stuck with Fr. Godfrey ever since.  Fr. Godfrey said he wasn’t thinking about becoming a priest, but his pastor saw the seed of a possible vocation for him.  A few years later, at the same priest’s suggestion, he took a seminary entrance exam and eventually entered the school. “I had a choice between the regular high school and the seminary. But I had no intention of becoming a priest. I thought I would leave after my schooling and become a marine engineer.” As he advanced in his studies, however, he began to feel a calling. “I started recognizing that there was something that was pulling me to stay on.”  In 2002, Fr. Godfrey was ordained a priest in the Archdiocese of Cape Coast in Ghana.  Fr. Godfrey came to the United States in 2009 to participate in a program focused on the New Evangelization.  He came into the Diocese of Biloxi in 2011, where Bishop Morin appointed him as Parochial Vicar of St. Thomas the Aquinas Parish in Hattiesburg.  He was appointed Pastor of Our Mother of Sorrows and Blessed Seelos Parishes in 2018.

Blessed Seelos and Our Mother of Sorrows are blessed to have had Fr. Godfrey and wish him well with his ministry. God has big plans for him. We were among the fortunate to be a part of those plans.

You will be missed, but won’t be far away!

“Being with people and praying with people is the source of my joy!”~ Fr. Godfrey Andoh

Parish Lenten Dinners- Volunteers Needed!

We are in need of volunteers to help with our Lenten dinners!  We are having “drive thru only” and it takes a tremendous amount of help to make everything run smoothly!  This is one of our biggest fundraisers for our parish, and thanks to our volunteers, it is very successful!

** We will have a meeting on Monday at 5:45 pm in the parish hall for all volunteers and would like EVERYONE to come!!  Please come and help support your parish!  Please call Anita Boney at 228-861-4310 for more information.

“Many hands make light work!”

2022 Catholic Sharing appeal

  • Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

    When we look at the world today, there are so many people who are confused, lost, suffering, and in search of something that society can never provide. There is a great need for us to share the Good News! In choosing to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to everyone through our own personal and public witness of Christ, and making the eternal life of our family members, friends, neighbors, and strangers our mission, we are following the Great Commission of Jesus.

    Your generous support of the ministries of the Diocese of Biloxi through the Catholic Sharing Appeal allows us, together as a Church, to share the love of God in a tangible way, to witness, and to begin to accompany our brothers and sisters in their own journey of discipleship in the Lord Jesus. Through YOUR faith, prayers, and donations, we are able to accomplish so much good in our diocese, and I am grateful.

    Your gift to the Catholic Sharing Appeal helps to educate and form seminarians for the priesthood and men for the Permanent Diaconate, and to care for our retired priests who continue to minister in our parishes and communities – and those who can no longer do so. Your generosity brings food, medicine, clothing, and shelter to those in most need, as well as being a great help to many people of all ages who come to know Christ more fully through our faith formation programs.

    Your prayerful support of the Catholic Sharing Appeal is a sign of your faith in the mission of the Church, and it greatly helps to share the message of Jesus Christ to all people in the communities of our diocese. I ask that you pray for the success of our mission, and bring people, as Psalm 91:2 says, to “My refuge and fortress, my God in whom I trust.”

    Please pray for me and be assured of my continued prayers for you and your intentions in the Masses that I offer daily.

    Sincerely yours in Christ,

    Most Reverend Louis F. Kihneman, III

    Bishop of Biloxi

Farewell Reception for Father Godfrey

Blessed Seelos and Our Mother of Sorrows Parishes will have a Farewell Reception for Father Godfrey on Sunday, February 20th at 2:00 pm at the Nativity Sacred Heart Center.

Please join us in expressing our most sincere gratitude to Father Godfrey for being a true Shepherd to our Communities of Faith.

Special Collection

** We will have a Special Collection next weekend, Feb. 12th & 13th to help with initial costs of our parish Lenten dinners. Please be generous in your support. Thank you! Our parish Lenten dinners begin Friday, March 4th.