It is Easter!  Christ is alive!  Christ has risen!  This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad!  For Easter day is now. We rejoice as we realize that we are not walking the pathway of life alone. Christ is always with us every step of the journey.  He is with us as our Savior, our Redeemer, and our Healer. He is there assisting us, encouraging us, and strengthening us in every aspect of our life. Easter day is all about the newness of life in Christ. The risen life of Christ is ours for the taking. The power of loving with the very love of God is within us.  We can fearlessly stake our lives on it. Each one of us is entrusted with the message of the Good News of God’s love.
Today’s Easter Day Feast provides us with a fresh opportunity.  It presents us with the challenge of spreading the light and the life of the Risen Christ. We must examine ourselves and ask if we are alive in Christ.  Is the Risen Lord firmly rooted in our hearts and actions? Or are we still living in a way devoid of Christ. Easter has no spiritual significance for us if Christ has emptied the tomb and we are still trapped in a tomb of our own. If we are truly a people of God, spreading the news of the Risen Lord is easy. Those who are searching for a meaning in life will see that Good News in us. They will see it in how we live, how we conduct ourselves, and in how we act towards others.  They will observe us and discover from us, that Christ is the way home, the resting place for restless hearts.  We are God’s people. Let all of us open our hearts this Easter Day and increase the gift of Christ’s life within us.